The ingredients may have changed significantly, but the second helping of Chicken Legs served up at the Cellar Door last night by Catfish Hodge was every bit as tasty as the first.

Last summer, Hodges' originial recipe for Chicken Legs called on Bonnie Raitt's longtime bassist Freebo and the Nighthawks' drummer, Pete Ragusa. His new one, however, draws from both his own hand and former Little Feat members Paul Barrere, Richie Hayward and Kenny Gradney.

Hodge himself, of course, remains the master chef. Nonetheless, everything he did last night -- wheter it was his saucy and syncopated tribute to New Orleans r&b called "Down Over the Border" or Little Feats' ever-topical "Apolitical Blues" -- was brillantly supported by the insistent rhythms laid down by Hayward and Gradney.

As for Barrere, his guitar and vocals constantly pointed out how much Little Feat will be missed. Playing "Original High Roller" and "Down on the Farm," he not only concealed the little time Chicken Legs has had to practice, but he also paid loving tribute to Little Feats' mentor, the late Lowell George.

With all shows sold out through Sunday, Chicken Legs is fast becoming and summertime house specialty at the Cellar Door. The band is scheduled for two more shows at the Bayou Monday night.