Reading "Two Wheels and Freedom" [July 18], I was offended by the negative connotations.

First, I was embarrassed to admit I ride a motorcycle, since the image portrayed was one of motorcyclists that tour/ride to find beer to drink.

Secondly, the remark that "one wonders if there are enough motorcycling ladies in the area to form even a single club," leads me to believe that Mr. Range is riding with blinders on. One does not have to belong to a club to enjoy the sport of motorcycling, and I find it difficult to believe that he has not seen women on motorcycles with all this worldwide "touring" he has been doing.

But just to widen his horizons, there are several women's clubs in the area.

Women in Gear, of which I am a member, has been in existence for three years with a membership of 25 women who own and ride their own motorcycles. Not mopeds. The smallest cycle is 400cc and the majority are 650cc and larger. (I assume from the article the size of the motorcycle is some sort of indicator of riding prowess.) One of their primary purposes is to promote safe motorcycling, which does not include drinking while riding. There are other national women's motorcycle clubs with branches and members in our area, such as the AMA Motor Maids, the Cycle Queens, the Women's International Motorcycle Association and the Alliance of Women Bikers.