Who would have predicted it? Sallee Rigler, the psychic talk-show host at WRC-AM (980), was recently moved to weekend nights from her daily morning show. The arrangement is now permanent.

Station management and Rigler say they came to the agreement for three reasons. First, psychic predictions didn't quite fit between its early-morning all-news programming and the news-oriented 10 a.m. Joel Spivak talk show which followed her hour. Also, she eas commuting too far (from the north side of Baltimore) too often. And her evidently persistent (though relatively small) audience was having too hard a time getting through by telephone in just one hour.

WRC's call-counting machine remained steady at about 18,000 clicks per hour during Rigler's show, but her ratings were "not high enough to keep us from moving her to the weekend," said one station source.

Rigler now does 9 p.m.-to-midnight Saturdays and Sundays, a format she says allows a more leisurely pace for what was formerly a fever-pitch prediction production.

Ken Alvord, who co-hosts with Richard Day the station's morning all-news block, has assumed Rigler's former 9-to-10 a.m. slot.