In August of 1972 the Republican Convention renominated former President Richard Nixon for his second term. Like Jimmy Carter's chart, the chart cast for the moment of Nixon's "going over" during the roll call of States, had an "invalid ascendant" but, unlike Jimmy Carter's chart, it indicated a very active and well aspected Moon. Since the Moon rules the population of the country, this good Moon presaged not only Nixon's re-election, but also a victory by a large margin. The "invalid ascendant," however, seemed to indicate Richard Nixon might not finish his term of office.

If the president does not finish the term of office for which he was elected, then the vice president also connot finish the term of office for which he was elected. The vice president becomes either an acting president or the president. Therefore, the chart cast for the moment of renomination of Spiro Agnew should also have indicated invalidity.

The term "invalid ascendant" is used when the first and the last three degrees of the sign (from 0 degrees to 2.59 degrees, and from 27 degrees to 29.59 degrees) appear on the ascendant of a chart cast for a particular event (it does not apply to a natal chart). Such a condition occurs approximately every two hours and lasts about 20 minutes.

In 1972 when the roll call began for Vice President Agnew, a quick calculation indicated that he would be renominatd on a valid ascendant. As I was sitting there trying to figure out how to interpret this change in the pattern, the proceedings were interrupted to ask the delegates to refrain from making flowery speeches exhorting the virtues of their respective states so that the balloting could proceed more speedily. The admonition quickened the pace and the chart for Agnew's renomination came out with an "invalid ascendant" after all.

Those "invalid ascendants" on both the Nixon and Agnew charts (plus their natal charts) prompted my prediction that both men would not finish their terms of office.

This year, with the chart for Jimmy Carter with its "invalid ascendant" and "void of course Moon," the same postulate holds true -- namely, that vice president Mondale's chart, cast for the moment of his renomination, should also have "an invalid ascendant." But the roll call for his renomination was not covered by any of the TV or radio stations in Washington. Walter Cronkite announced at 7 p.m. that "Vice President Mondale was renominated a short while ago" and I began to make calls to New York, trying to ascertain the time of his "going over." Dozen of calls later I was given a phone number of the Democratic National Committee in New York since "they will be the ones who will know for sure." But when I called, a man's voice interrupted my question, and icily stated, that "in the typical inefficient way of Democrats, so obvious in the past few years, they printed a wrong phone number," and that "I was not connected with a National Democratic Committee, but with the office of a major credit card company, and that after the 2,000th call this week, I should know where his vote shall go." t

The Associated Press told me Mondale was nominated at 6:56 p.m. United Press International said 6:54 p.m.

Two minutes usually do not make that much difference, but in this case they were crucial because they meant the difference between valid and an "invalid ascendant." A seasoned reporter suggested using the earlier time, by assuring me that it was more valid. The 6:54 p.m. gives vice president Mondale an "invalid ascendant." The Moon on this chart, however, is in the 8th degree of Libra, the exact degree of Jimmy Carter's Sun, thus it acts like a perfect substitute.

Subsequently, both candidates accepted their nominations, and both charts, cast for those two moments, have "invalid ascendant." The pattern remains unbroken.

The pattern and the tenor of charts cast during this Democratic convention is very similar to the charts cast during the Republican convention of 1972. This is especially true in the case of Jimmy Carter's chart, with its invalidity and the seeming suddeness of events (President Nixon became a private citizen within 48 hours). But in contrast to Agnew's chart, Mondale's chart, especially with this Moon on the exact degree of Carter's Sun, in the house of inheritance, indicates a strong possibility that vice president Mondale could become an acting president. This provides us with another clue that this election might go into the House.

But because of the invalidity of the ascendant I do not believe that Mondale will remain vice president for another 4 years.