Imagine the Three Stooges posing as Memphis rockabillies at the dawn of rock 'n' roll. Or the Bowery Boys singing do-woop harmonies on the streets of New York back in the '50s. Or maybe -- forget it. There's no biz like show biz and no act quite like the one Sha Na Na put on at Merriweather Post Pavilion last Night.

Bowser, Santini, Jocko, Screamin' Scott -- all 10 of them stormed the stage looking like they just lubed a '56 Chevy. Bowser's hair alone might very well be the biggest oil deposit this side of the Persian Gulf, and Santini's gold lame jumpsuit looked tight enough to stop his pulse.

And that was just for openers. In the course of the evening, they fired off 30 songs in 90 minutes, pausing only to catch their breath or to insult their own intelligence. Their audience, of course, is very young and the group treated them to a top-notch stage show, complete with costumes, props and effects.

Where else, for instance, can you see "The Monster Mash" sung by Frankenstein and Dracula wandering about in a dry-ice fog? It wasn't exactly the kind of moment that will live on in rock history, but you can't deny Sha Na Na their special showmanship. They appear again tonight.