Three exercises for older people described by Lawrence J. Frankel and Betty Byrd Richard in their book: FLOOR (For the more active):

"Sit-Up for the Untrained Inidivdual": From back-lying position, hands on thighs with arms extended, raise head and shoulders up as far as possible -- very slowly. Keep chin on chest. Exhale with the effort (blow out through mouth as though blowing out a candle) and return to starting position. Do a minimum of 5, maximum of 10. SITTING (for the less active or agile):

"Abdominal Exercise for the Side sof the Waist": Sit erect (in middle of chair) with feet flat on floor, arms at sides, and buttocks flat to chair. Extend right arm upward (reach for ceiling, keeping arm close to head), lean body toward left side, and stretch as far as possible without forcing the motion. Alternate with opposite side to count of four; three to five times each side. IN BED (a helper is generally needed)

"Towel Climbing," to strengthen muscles of the arms, shoulders, abdomen and upper thighs: Very slowly pull yourself up almost to a sitting position by grasping towel held by assistant, climbing hand over hand; then, just as slowly, return to the lying position. Count: Up-2-3-4, Down-2-3-4; relax and repeat three times. Important -- remember to exhale when you are exerting yourself and inhale when relaxing.