Edward Gierek, Communist Party chief of Poland, was born Jan. 6, 1913, and his sun in Capricorn. An astrological chart of a leader of a country indicates not only his fate, but the fate of his country. On the other hand, it also could be said that the destiny of a country dictates the destiny of its leader. In the Communist countries, however, the picture is clouded because the fate of Edward Gierek might be drastically affected not by the fate of Poland, but by the Politbureau.

Edward Gierek has his sun in Capricorn, in conjunction with other planets in Capricorn, and all of them are strongly supported by somber Saturn. This combination makes Edward Gierek a very pragmatic man, who puts a high price on his own survival. He will not be apt to give up easily, and he will try his best to achieve a balance, some workable solution, and derive something positive from even the most negative situation.

His Mercury, the planet of mind, is very strongly configurated with other planets, and endows him with quick intelligence, perceptiveness, pleasant speaking manner and an ability to listen to different points of view, because his mind is flexible. But in contrast to Gierek's seemingly unending patience, so noticeable when the Capricorn sun pursues his long range goals, his Mercury in Sagittarius has a rather "short fuse," so in negotiations I would not try that patience for too long.

Gierek's chart is under a great deal of stress, reflecting the current unrest in his country, and unfortunately, this stress is not disappearing from the chart very quickly. In fact, as soon as one set of aspects (one type of stress) is easing off, another group of aspects (another type of stress) is replacing them. This situation remains current on the chart through December with very little respite. Even though the strike might be settled, more stress and/or changes will occur, either in the country or in Edward Gierek's life.

The charts of Jimmy Carter and Edward Gierek are karmically linked. What is disturbing, however, is that this particular link (south Node of Gierek conjoining Carter's sun) is malefic in nature and is even called "one's self-undoing." Its particular placement on Carter's chart seems to indicate that these two men may affect each other's prestige, standing and career, and not for the best. This linkage is most strongly accentuated during the first few days in October.

When a chart of a leader of a country is under such a stress, as is the case of Edward Gierek's current chart, one can suspect the possibility of the fall of the country. But in this case, it could be indicative only of Gierek's fall from power, which might be a disaster to him, but not for the country.