Rep. John Anderson announced his independent presidential candidacy on April 24, 1980, at 11:15 a.m., EST. Two weeks ago, on Aug. 25, at 12:34 p.m., EST, he said that he had chosen Pat Lucey, a former governor of Wisconsin and former ambassador to Mexico, as his running mate.

The charts cast for those announcements did miss having an "invalid ascendant" by mere seconds (40 and 50 seconds, respectively). Such charts can be viewed as the "heights of brinksmanship" that usher in a great deal of suspense, which so far seems to be so indicative of John Anderson's campaign. Nevertheless, since both charts have valid ascendants (even though barely) they project a candidacy that will continue to be viable.

Lucey was born on March 21, 1918 and depending on the hour of his birth, his sun is either in Pisces or in Aires. But in either case, it is very strongly configurated with Neptune and Saturn and Leo. This Saturn on the 7th degree of Leo is very important in his chart for several reasons. First of all, it links him karmically to the USA chart (the position of Jimmy Carter's Sun) and forms a link with Anderson's chart, who has his ascendant also on 8th degree of Libra.

Those 8th and 9th degrees of Libra are very important in this election year, because Jupiter and Saturn will conjoin in those two degrees during December, and in January of 1981. Since 1840, every president elected or inaugurated in the year of such conjunction died in office. This year, however, there is an aberration in this conjunction (it takes place not in Earth but in Air sign -- Libra), and thus it might only mean an aberration in our electoral process.

With Saturn going over that degree, with Anderson's natal Saturn within the degree of that position, and with Lucey's Saturn moving to that degree, one can easily say that Jimmy Carter's Sun is "besieged." The effects of Saturn coming to the conjunction of anyone's Sun can be best described by a phrase: "The chickens are coming to roost. And thus, if one worked hard and did an excellent job, Saturn rewards and elevates, but if one failed to lay good foundations for reliability, dependability and stability (all the Saturnian virtures), then Saturn casts you down.

On the basis of Saturn positions on Anderson's and Lucey's charts, I can say that those two men will "enact and fulfill" this scrutinizing passage of Saturn over Jimmy Carter's Sun, and they will have more effect on Jimmy Carter's campaign than either Ronald Reagan or Bush, who do not have any planets on that degree.

It is interesting to note that, according to the polls, votes for Anderson are more detrimental for Carter than for Reagan. Astrologically, this is indicated not only by the above described "Saturnian assault," but also by the fact that several of Anderson's and Lucey's planets affect directly Jimmy Carter's chart by a strong adversary position, and in a winning combination. At the same time, Ronald Reagan's chart has no links to Anderson's chart, and only one connection with Lucey's chart. The Anderson-Lucey ticket has hardly any effect on Reagan's candidacy.

My predictions:

Saturn enters the sign of Libra on Sept. 21, and from that day on the spotlight will begin to center on John Anderson, coming to a peak from the middle of November, through December and January 1981. The planet Jupiter follows Saturn shortly after, and enters Libra on Oct. 27, reaching its peak on Anderson's chart in December. Identical pattern holds true also for Lucey.

It is interesting to note that the day of Saturn's entry into Libra, and thus the beginning of the momentum for Anderson's chart, coincides with the date tentatively set for the debates. Anderson, with his chart, could not have chosen for himself a better day, for the aspects are excellent for him. John Anderson is also benefiting from another lucky break: Jimmy Carter's Sun on 8th degree of Libra falls on Anderson's ascendant. This Sun accentuates Anderson's stature and whatever Carter will or will not do, will enhance John Anderson's position.

Despite the lucky breaks, and the momentum on Anderson chart that gets progressively stronger, the peak of the limelight on his chart is reached after election day. It makes me believe John Anderson, indeed, "will make the difference" and will play a strong role in this election, but only by being either instrumental in removing Jimmy Carter from office or by throwing the election into the House.