In an article on tools in yesterday's Style Plus, the possibility of mixing household bleach with vinegar as a paint remover was suggested. Readers should be cautioned that such a combination can be highly toxic if inhaled and should only be used sparingly and in a well-ventilated area.

While there are literally thousands of tools available today, the core of the average do-it-yourselfer's shop generally consists of a few basic items. oFor a few hundred dollars it is possible to put together a good shop which can handle many basic repairs.

Here is a brief list, with general prices, of items most likely to be found in a basic tool collection.

Electric Drill -- The heart of many modern do-it-yourself shops. Look for drills which accept 1/4-inch or 1/2-inch bits and are both variable-speed and reversible.Cost: From $35 to $45.

Drill accessories -- Sanding disks ($1.79 a package), drill bits (junkers at 12 for $2.50), metal bits (99 cents each and up) masonry bits (for cement and tile, $3 and up, per bit).

Screwdrivers -- Both flathead and Phillips. Numerous sizes (45 cents and up). Cheap screwdrivers generally bend when pressured and represent a poor buy.

Pliers -- Regualr, needle-nosed, and slip-joint. Always convenient. $5 and up.

Saws -- Hand saws for general use should have 10 points per inch. Power saws should have at least 1.5 horsepower and a 7-inch blade capacity. Cost: $35 and up. Also jigsaws and coping saws (a few dollars each).

Wrench -- For plumbing (14-inch pipe wrench, about $10, 10-inch model, $7.99). Also, a faucet wrench (8.29) is useful when remodeling and sinks must be removed.

Tapes -- Masking tape for painting, electrical tape for wiring, and a 12-foot tape to measure distances (3/4-inch wide, retractable, $8).

Socket Sets -- With ratchet wrenches (about $12 for cheap sets having both metric and SAE pieces, far higher for professional sets).

Mitre Box -- For cutting wood angles ($4.99).

Hammer -- Decent weight for various jobs ($5 and up). Three-pound hammer for real-estate signs and to hold open doors $14.95).

Extension Cords -- Various sizes, 100-foot ($15) down to 6-foot ($1.29).

Brushes -- Paint (many widths), wire (for cleaning paint off wooden surfaces, $4), and toothe (for cleaning small areas, 49 cents).

Butane Torch -- To remove paint, solder pipes or start a barbecue ($21). Butane refills ($1 and up).

Soldering Gun

-- For electronic work, $23.50.

Other Goodies -- Putty knife (various sizes, $1.50 and up), razor knife (for trimming windows and opening plastic bags, $3.49 with retractable blade), punch (to start holes in metal, $2.95), chisels (various widths, 3/4-inch for $3.50), fine sander (moves back and forth, $25), caulking gun ($2.75, used fo spread glue, caulk, even concrete), can opener, clothesline ($1), funnel (50 cents), ax ($14.95), nails (by the pound), screws (by the box), vise (4-inch with anvil, $17), and assorted bits or rubber, metal, cloth, wire and wood which at some point are needed by anyone who owns even half the items on this list.