In my column two weeks ago I highlighted the chart of Edward Gierek who was then leader of Poland's Communist Party. His chart at that time was under a great deal of stress, and that intense planetary pressure was indicating a possibility of his fall from power which has since occurred.

The Polish press announced he had resigned because of bad health, specifically stating a "heart attack," a condition that has been suspected here of being a political heart attack. On the basis of his chart, however, such strong planetary pressures often bring about heart attacks, and I feel that this might have occurred, even though the attack may have been brought about by the news of his fall from power.

Stanislaw Kania succeeded Edward Gierek as the leader of the Communist Party in Poland. He was born March 8, 1927, and has his sun in Pisces. In fact, he has a stelium in Pisces (four planets, or more in the same sign) and it is composed of sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus. This combination makes him into an "out and out" idealist, forever concerned with the fate of the poor and downtrodden and forever ready for self-sacrifice on their behalf.

But this deeply emotional drive is kept in check, disciplined and sombered by his Pisces configuration to planets Saturn and Mars. His moon in Taurus transforms this idealist into a pragmatist. More than that, the harsh Saturn-Mars opposition makes him quite capable of applying stern measures in order to bring about desirable results.

Kania's chart indicates a man who has a great deal of self-discipline and who expects other people to be just as self-disciplined as he. This expectation probably causes him a great deal of bitter disappointments in life. This would be especially thue in his personal life since he would crave a great deal of warmth, and yet he would be probably more feared than loved. Saturn does deliver respect, but never love.

The unrest in Poland brought about the leadership change in an attempt to bring about internal peace and stability, but from an astrological point of view, it only succeeded in replacing one chart under continuous stress with another chart under similar stress. The only difference is that the stress on Kania's chart extends well beyond 1981, and he combats it with different methods.

At present, Kania's chart accentuates the disciplinary forces of his planets and, even though I expect him to honor the agreements made by Gierek, he is quite capable of, and will probably enforce much stronger disciplinary actions. This man has lived with a great deal of deprivation and feels that if he could do it, other people can do it also.

Even though this steady pressure is holding its own and may attain certain "status quo" at the present, there is, nevertheless, a strong indication of another upheaval occurring sometime between the beginning of november through December and January. With the strength of his chart he may weather that storm only to be faced with more unrest from May through October of 1981.

If he remains in power he faces a real crisis in 1982 which may involve the United States.

Stanislaw Kania is a strict, self-disciplined, single-minded idealist who can, however, exude a great deal of charm if the situation demands it. I feel he will try to guide his people by using alternately the carrot and the stick, and he will do his best to bring about the realization of his aspirations for his land.

Astrological postscript.

In the past few weeks I have been continuously queried whether one can trust Ronald Reagan's sincerity. The presumption is that since he was an actor maybe he is just "playing a sincere man."

Astrologically speaking, his chart indicates a person more gifted for politics than for acting, and his acting ability is much less than his photogenicity. To dispute the sincerity of Ronald Reagan and to presume that he is "playing a role of a sincere man" is to ascribe to him the talent of Laurence Olivier or Alec Guinness and such a talent is simply not indicated on his chart.