Of all Southern rock bands, Le Roux has to be one of the least pretentious. They are also one of the least spectacular.

Heads bobbed, toes tapped and there was even a perfunctory encore at the Bayou last night. But try as they might, Le Roux didn't generate much of a response from a crowd who -- thanks to a local radio station's backing -- paid just a dollar and a cent each to see them.

It's not that Le Roux doesn't have anything to say They do -- about three songs' worth. After that, they recycle boggie riffs as if they're getting paid for it by the pound.

Jeff Pollard, a strong if not particularly distinctive singer, started out on the right foot with a couple of tight rockers, followed up nicely by a letter-perfect "New Orleans Ladies." Lead guitarist Tony Haseldon and percussionist Bobby Campo also added some nice touches early on, before all the tedious solos and mirror-image songs began to surface.

The few spontaneous moments of the evening were confined to the stand-up comedy of Ritch Shydner A young inventive comic, Shydner took control of the audience early in his act and never let go. He could teach Le Roux a few things about pacing.