In the last few months everyone has been taking a new look at Polish jokes.

Here are some of the latest Polish jokes going around.

"How many Poles does it take to make a government fall in Warsaw?"

"A few hundred in Gdansk, providing they stick to their demands."

"How many Poles does it take to drive the Kremlin up the wall?"

"One, if he's asking for secret union elections."

"How do you know when a Polish coal miner is mad?"

"When, despite all his perks, he tells the Communist Party to go to hell."

"When was the last time a Polish worker ate meat?"

"Two weeks before he went out on strike and closed down the shipyards."

"What does a Pole say to a deputy premier when the premier tells him he has to work longer hours for less pay?"

"You're fired."

"What does a Pole carry in his lunch pail?"

"Secret pamphlets telling his working comrades what is really going on in the country."

"How does a Pole keep the Russians from invading the country?"

"By not taking any money from the Cia."

"How long does it take a Pole to make an omelet?"

"Twenty minutes to make it, and four hours to stand in line to buy the eggs"

"What does a Polish worker do to show he believes in the communist system?"

"He goes to mass every day."

"How many Poles does it take to screw in a light bulb?"

"None, if their strike leaders tell them to shut off the electricity."

"What does the party manager of a Polish factory do when his workers decide to sit in?"

"He gets out of the place as fast as he can."

"What does a Pole say to his wife at night?"

"If I'm not home by 6 tomorrow evening, you'll know the strike is on."

"What does a Polish wife say to her husband at night?"

"It's about time. You can throw your dirty clothes over the fence."

"How many Poles does it take to repair a motorcycle?"

"None, because they can't get the spare parts to repair anything."

"What does a Polish government official say when a Soviet official complains he is not happy with what is going on in Poland?"

"Sue me."

"How do you get a Pole to work?"

"By granting amnesty to all strikers who have been arrested, guaranteeing more freedom to the press, giving him a pay raise and promising to get off his back."

"What does an East German worker say to a Pole when he meets him in a bar?"

"The drinks are on us. Now tell us how you did it."

I know these new jokes aren't buffos, but we can take comfort in the fact that they're even less funny to the people who used to tell Polish jokes in the Soviet Union.