For the better part of the '70s, singer Peter Noone, one of the teeny-bop rock stars of the British Invasion, secluded himself in the south of France. Not surprising, considering that he was once a hermit -- Herman of Herman's Hermits, that is.

Noone has re-emerged with a new group, the Tremblers, and last night he appeared at the Bayou. He hasn't changed all that much. Same toothy grin. Same baby-fat face. And, although in his 30s, he still cavorts about like a cuddly, clear-complexioned idol.

For better or worse (depending on one's tolerance for innocuous rock), Noone's music has also changed very little. The clean, bright pop songs are still there (while roughed up a bit with New Wave touches), replete with unobtrusive guitar solos, straight beats, and nasally-cute vocals. Like the Hermits, the Tremblers are a freshly scrubbed group whose playing doesn't assault the ears as much as it tickles the lobes -- all the better to make one giggle and scream.

Peter Noone isn't particularly exciting -- he never was -- but he is fun, and he still has the looks and sound to charm a new generation of teen-age girls right out of their sweat socks.