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Heaven is a narrow, crowded, vapory place, dim except for a blinding light at one end, and filled with continual music.

Bad luck for those who don't want to spend eternity in a discotheque.

The report comes to us in "Resurrection," a faith-healer film. But we don't have to take the faith healer's word for it -- we get to see heaven for ourselves.

This is in keeping with a massive effort to promote the legitimacy of the heroine by divesting her of the usual religious patter, ascetic or hypocritical private behavior, or extragagant claims.

Played by Ellen Burstyn as a friendly, affectionate and appealing woman, she just happens to have these hot, healing hands that take away the hurt. It is the folks who don't worship her, such as a glinty-eyed Sam Shepard, who are portrayed as religious nuts.

Netherless, it's still a faith-healer film, full of writhing invalids who jump up from their beds of affliction and kiss her hands. But after glimpsing what awaits them after death, one can understand their relief.