Once again fall is upon us, ushering in fallen leaves, brisk walks against cooling winds, the maroon of chestnuts on the ground, the crackling of pine logs in a fireplace and football season when there is a separation of the sexes. If you happen to be that "half" who does not care for football, you are "out", out of your other half's attention, conversation, and his field of vision, every Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Thursday, from now until Jan 20. While any woman could competewith images of Marilyn Monroes, Jane Manfields, or of playful bunnies, how can she compete with the flickering TV pictures of Redskins, Cowboys, Dolphins, Eagles, Steelers, or Vikings?

At the same time there are many advantages for women who happen to be the "halves" that are "out in the cold." First of all they do not need to worry about meals. "The halves" that sit glued to TV sets do not know what they eat anyway. There is no need to dress up, or to put makeup on --"the halves" do not see you, anyway. One can unburden oneself totally and tell them all the negative things one thought of them for all those umpteen years, and they will only either grunt in response, or ask with a vacant stare. "What did you say? I did not hear you, Dear."

And thus, all the "football-unenlightened halves" have now, four days a week, for the next five months, to do anything they ever wished to do, no matter how outlandish it may be, and rest assured that their activities will remain totally unnoticed. Or they can rent another TV set.

But for those who are interested in the Redskins, Jack Pardee was born on April 13, 1936, and has his Sun in Aries. His Venus and Mercury are also in Aries, all three nicely configurated with Jupiter and Pluto. This combination makes Pardee not only very active and energetic, but also a lucky man. His Jupiter does not make him lucky because it spares him from difficulties and many readjustments in life, but because it always brings him "the eleventh hour" reprieve. Pardee is a doer, a man who, when confronted by a problem, does not sit on it and meditate, but instead, goes immediately into action.

He is an optimist who always sees the silver lining and sometimes this Jupiter will prod him to take gambles. But since the rest of the planets indicate a great deal of practicality and good common sense, the gambles that he takes may turn out well most of the time.

He likes and does get along well with Joe Theismann, who was born on Sept. 9, 1949, and has his Sun in Virgo. Theismann's Venus is in exact opposition to Pardee's Sun, while his Mercury opposes Pardee's Mercury. These two men may not always see eye to eye, Mercury in Aries and Mercury in Libra often clash, but their Sun-Venus combination smooths and resolves any differences.

Theismann's Sun is also well configurated with Jupiter, which brings luck and protection into his life, but his chart also indicates a very impatient streak, and this aspect often prods him to do things in haste, things that he later regrets. It endows him with rebelliousness, makes him into a person who likes to innovate, improvise, and who likes to startle the audience. Since this planetary configuration is rather negatively aspected, it often will not deliver exactly as he would wish, and thus it should be kept under strict control, within bounds.

My predictions:

Logically one should assume that if the Redskins are to have a good season, the charts of its coach and it quarterback should be well aspected, and gaining in strength as the year comes to a close. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Both charts, while still under the influence of good aspects from last year, are losing in strength, and thus I do not believe that this year will be as good as the previous one.

Theismann has an aspect that indicates a possibility of slight injury (arms or legs), and his chart does not gain momentum until 1981, 1982.

The same applies to Pardee's chart, that shows waning aspects. Much better planetary alignment comes to him in 1981 and 1982. And thus, on the basis of these two charts I would say that the Redskins may find themselves winning only about half of their games. Two of their games should be quite exciting.

Since this is the first time, however, that I am attempting to fircast the season for any team, and since I am also one of those "halves" that sits glued to the TV, I fervently hope that my predictions for the Redskins are all "wet".