Would you like to tell the corporate world how it could help ease some of the stresses in your life? If you are part of a two-career family, you may qualify for participation in a new national survey seeking to do just that.

Conducted by the Career and Family Center at Catalyst -- a non-profit organization that develops new work and life style options for women -- the survey will focus on how dual-income couples deal with the stresses and problems involved in combining a career and a family.

The center also will survey the country's top 1,300 corporations to determine their policies on such family-related topics as relocation, child care, recruitment and time management.

"We hope to highlight the problems two-career families face and come up with solutions," says the Center's Director of Operations Susan Lund. After the results are tabulated in January, they plan to hold workshops with corporations to "brainstorm ideas as to what solutions are available and what corporations can do."

To take part in the survey, two-income couples must include a husband (employed in any type of work) and a wife employed in private business. (Self-employed women or those with jobs in government, health care or the non-profit sector do not qualify.)

To participate, write, by Oct. 31: The Career and Family Center, Catalyst, 14 East 60th St., New York, N.Y. 10022, or call (212) 759-3218.