"I was kind of a rear-end shot," said Marcia Jordan, a State Department secretary who is also page 132, bottom left, of "Beauty and Bureaucracy" in the November issue of Playboy. "I was sort of leaning over a desk."

Indeed she was, with little else on except maybe the stero in the background.Her hobbies: sunbathing, lifting wieghts and keeping up on current events. Her turn-ons, revealed last night at a promotional "Beauty and Bureaucracy" Playboy party: Anwar Sadat, among others.

Her reaction to page 132, bottom left? "I was kinda real nervous because I was afraid I was going to come out fat," she said. "I mean, you're supposed to gain 10 pounds in front of a camera. And the first time I saw it was Monday. I just sat there and stared for 15 minutes." The City Described

For two hours last night, the bar and restaurant of the Georgetown Inn almost looked like one of those Playboy party pictures you often see in the front pages of the magazine. Hugh Hefner wasn't there wearing an open-necked polyester shirt and a Playmate on his arm, but there certainly were lots of glossy women with cascading hair, spiked heels, moist lips and World Class figures.

"39-23-34," claimed one, Paula Parkinson, a 29-year-old lobbyist who says on page 128 that "Washington is basically a very horny city."

The party was in honor of 20 "Women of the U.S. Government," many of them secretaries and office assistants who posed for the magazine this summer and now, on the eve of the November issue, find themselves in the middle of camera flashes, flabbergasted colleagues and sudden, thrilling discovery. Pollster Spotted

Pat Caddell, Jimmy Carter's pollster: "I'm not here," he said. "Don't do this to me." Healthy beard, three-peice suit, red tie, gold collar pin. A bit swarthy.

His hobbies: "Work. All I do is work."

His future ambition: "To get out of this election and retire soon."

His turn-ons: Wouldn't answer the question.

"I'm going to get a drink, that's what I'm going to do," he said to his friend David Page, an old Harvard roommate he dragged along for the occasion.

"You told me this was a DAR party," said Page. November Limelight

Most of the 300-plus people at the party were journalists, Playboy's Washington distributors or mildly interested voyeurs. Author Kitty Kelley was there, as was comedian Dick Tuck, former presidential speechwriter Jim Fallows, now Washington editor of Atlantic Monthly, and Jeana Tomasino, otherwise known as Miss November.

Among her turn-ons, according to the centerfold description: Men in tight jeans, brown eyes, cats and dogs.

She is also said to be 5 feet 7 inches and 105 pounds. Last night, she was clearly the hit. The television people kept on shining lights on her as she stood by a big bay window, and outside, people looking in kept fogging up the glass. The Consultant Comments

Charles Cole, engineering consultant: "If one of these women were mine, I wouldn't appreciate what she was doing." Tall, tan, short hair that looks sprayed, paisley tie, class ring.

His turn-ons: "Challenging real estate ventures or playing the money game."

His turn-offs: "Liberated women that don't want to be liberated on their own merits." Out of Uniform

Strawberry tarts. Kiwi tarts. Fried shrimp. Oysters on the half-shell.

And cheese, cheese, cheese.

The food was enough to make a 5-foot, 7-inch, 105-pound Miss November turn into a mere lumpy-thighed mortal overnight. But then, she didn't eat.

Neither did Darlene Aubrey, a typist for the Navy who didn't show because she was said to be upset over what one Playboy source said was a formal Navy accusuation of "appearing nude in a uniform." If you look at page 130 this is clearly not the case, although she is appearing fairly nude in a bathrobe.

Her lawyer, Victor Glasberg, could only say last night in a phone conversation that things were still up in the air. "She's received notice of a disciplinary action against her," he said, "although I haven't seen it yet. I think she's been transfered from the Pentagon to the Washington Navy Yard." Aubrey herself wasn't reachable. Wealth of Washington

Mike Murphy, a Playboy vice prsident and, in last night's absence of photographer David Chan, the magazine's reigning hoo-hah at the party: "There are probably more beautiful women per capita in Washington than in any other city." Tan, thin, black wing-tips, a family man from the Near North side of Chicago.

His hobbies: Tennis, running.

His turn-ons: Kurt Vonnegut, E.L. Doctorow.

His turn-offs: Thomas Pynchon.

"I hope this isn't going to get me into trouble," he said.