The president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, was born on April 28, 1937, and has his Sun in Taurus. This Sun, in conjunction with Uranus and Mercury in Taurus, is strongly, and for the most part, harmoniously configurated with the majority of his planets, and thus presents us with a picture of a very unusual man.

Saddam Hussein is strong, dynamic, charismatic, intelligent, perceptive, intuitive, optimistic, and to top it all, he is very lucky. He is capable and willing to take risks, but he is not a reckless man. There is too much pragmatism on the chart, and so the risks he takes are well calculated, and thus his gambles usually pay off.

His chart sports a configuration that is frequently present in the charts of revolutionaries and anarchists, but in contrast to those charts, Saddam Hussein has a broad picture of the world, which precludes him from being a fanatic. The most fascinating thing about this chart, however, is the fact that this revolutionary signature falls exactly on the chart of the ayatollah and severely aggravates Khomeini's natal afflictions.

This planetary linkage between those two men bodes no good to the ayatollah, because while the revolutionary aspects are similar, Hussein's chart provides him with the capacity for intellectual detachment, and thus he can run circles around the ayatollah, who, like any fanatic, is like a horse with blinkers on and sees only the front of his nose.

Hussein's capacity to see the world realistically and in much broader perspective (whether he agrees with what he sees or not) gives him recourses and capacities unavailable to the ayatollah, and thus Khomeini is faced now with an enemy who is much more ruthless than the shah ever was; in fact, I will go so far as to say that Hussein will be the instrument of the ayatollah's downfall.

I am saying this for several reasons. First of all, after having assessed the respective strengths of both charts, Hussein's chart is not only stronger but is also very lucky; moreover, it is exploding right now with a tremendous force of this energy, and thus it is unfolding, rather than folding.

On the other hand, Khomeini's chart is very afflicted natally, and has been under negative aspects for quite a while. Those heavy aspects are still applying, becoming progressively more difficult, starting now and getting much worse from Oct. 20 throught December.

Since Hussein's chart is partially linked to Khomeini's he also will feel the brunt of those aspects, and since they last through December I do not expect this war to end soon. Because President Hussein's chart is much better, I would predict victory for him.

At the same time, there is an ominous note since the charts of many world leaders also feel the brunt of those aspects. In my predictions for 1980, as well as in my columns on Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin, I mentioned the possibility of some kind of international crisis that precipitates the hostilities, not between Egypt and Israel but outside of their countries, those hostilities bringing the end to their peace talks.

Begin's chart, starting from Sept, 27, is again under incredibly difficult aspects, that last through October and November. His health, his position, as well as the well-being of his nation are very much at stake. Sadat's chart undergoes heavy transits from the middle of October; the same applies to Margaret Thatcher, Valery Giscard d'Estaing, Brezhnev, etc. And because those aspects will repeat themselves again next year, I feel that even if this war remains localized, it presents a problem that festers and sets the stage for 1981.