The kids at last night's Starplex opening of "The Bugs Bunny Sports Spectacular" seemed to enjoy the show. They cheered, booed and shouted out warnings on cues that few of them could possibly have missed.

But the two-hour program, filled with characters who in the past have populated Warner Bros. cartoons and D.C. Comics pages, was inanimate. What do you call a caricature of a cartoon character who prances about in ungainly movements while mouthing words being played on a tape? This is like an Ice Capades revue without skates, but on very thin ice.

The plot concerns an Animalympics pitting Bugs Bunny (a carrot-cature of himself), Daffy Duck, Porky Pig (and a lot of cameo appearances from the likes of Road Runner, Speedy Gonzales, Pepe LePeu and others) against four arch-villians -- the joker, the Penguin, the Riddler and Catwoman. Batman, Robin and Wonder Woman eventually save the day, but not the show.

The action is absurd, the dialogue tape loud and frequently unintelligible, the music obvious, including a Disco Duck routine. What we have here is a looting of precious childhood memories -- and on an even more inane and less professional level than today's Saturday morning cartoons. It plays through Oct. 13.