Victoria Louise Will, daughter of syndicated columnist, George F. Will, was born on Oct. 1, 1980, and has her Sun in Libra. George Will dedicated last Sunday's column to his newborn baby girl, and said in his opening paragraph: "The struggle to reelect the 39th president or to elect the 40th, though not insignificant, has been eclipsed by a far larger event, the birth of the 48th president, Victoria Louise Will.

As an astrologer, I hate to disappoint this proud father by telling him that his little girl's chart does not indicate any special desire for political activity. However, if the current president, who was also born Oct. 1, had Victoria's chart in general, and her intelligence in particular, he would not suffer defeat in the forthcoming election.

George Will in his column about Victoria becoming either a Supreme Court justice or receiving a Nobel prize in chemistry, physics and literature (all combined, of course). His little girl's chart indicates some interest in law, but this is overshadowed by strong scientific and artistic abilities.

In the scientific field, medicine is to the fore. This interest, combined with her Mercury on sculptural degree, may prod her toward plastic surgery (sculpting body) or psychiatry (sculpting mind), or, combined with the interest in law (especially in criminology) it opens the possibility of forensic medicine. She could also become a scientific writer or a medical illustrator because of her writing ability and a strong feel for line and color.

In the artistic field, she could become a sculptor or a novelist with an excellent feel for plot and psychological character development. She could become a top-notch mystery writer. She also has a musical ability and great love for drama and theater, thus creating a possibility of becoming a very successful playwright.

George Will's dream of Victoria being quiet and delicate, wearing a blue velvet dress decorated with small yellow flowers, is destroyed by parents of other little girls who tell him he is daft. I would like to reassure him that his dream will come true. His little girl is a strong Libra (three planets in Libra), and like any strong Libra, she will be probably small boned with delicate features, gentle in manner, very feminine with love for luxury, and will love velvet and furs.

And yet George Will should always remember that despite her "sugar and spice," this child has a strong and indominable will. Any child with a strong Scorpio influence on the chart needs a very careful guidance, and the independence should never be thwarted.

She will tend to be a loner, a thinker, and she will not be easy to know. If hurt, she will have a tendency to withdraw, rather than talk about it, and if she will cry, she try to cry alone. And yet, paradoxically, this child has great emotional needs, and much affection should be given to her, even though she may not appear to ask for it. If she was born in the morning she will tend to be more demonstrative than if she was born in the afternoon.

She has a gentle, mothering heart and in a few years George Will may find out that his house becomes an orphanage and a hospital for all stray cats and dogs of the neighborhood.

In his column George Will questions the role of heredity versus the environment in shaping a child, but I would like to tell him that his little girl is so strong that she will survive any environment. There is steel in this gentle wrapping, she is a veritable "iron hand in a velvet glove" (blue velvet glove, of course, with yellow flowers), and while her Libra planets will make her adapt superficially to any environment, she will always march to her own "beat of the drums." She will always remain true to her own values, irrespective of her environment or any pressure that life may bring.