"Cat Doctor" Louis Camuti on:

Cats and Children -- "I think cats make very good pets for children, but not before they're 8 or 9 years old, and then they've got to be taught to take care of it. Or at least to help their parents take care of it."

Basic cat equipment -- "You start with a scratching post and a pan. A cat housebreaks itself much more readily than a dog. They're practically housebroken as soon as they're born, you might say."

Food -- "One bad feature is that a lot of people try to overfeed their kittens. You really can't fill a kitten. You just can't satisfy them. They'll eat three times what they're supposed to if you let them. You have to get your veterinarian to tell you what the food should be and then stick to it, even if they seem hungry."

Idosyncracies -- "The cat is always on the defensive with a person until proven otherwise. They figure you're an enemy until you prove you're a friend. If you go to a house with a cat, don't run over and pet it. Let the cat come to you. It will be a lot more productive that way. If the person is friendly, the cat will probably come over to smooch a little after a while."