Make a fist. Stick out your thumb. Jab the thumb into your chest, right over the old ticker, and say: "Filmed on location, baby."

That's what you do when you finish watching "Reunion," which goes up against the World Series tonight at 9 on CBS.

It's all heart: An aerospace engineer (Kevin Dobson, formerly Lt. Crocker on "Kojak") goes back to Grant High for his 20th reunion. He's looking for love, meaning and a little respect, seeing as how he doesn't get any from his son on pot, his daughter on the pill and his flash-frozen Los Angeles blond of a wife.

Heart, that's what he's looking for . What he's looking at once he gets back to Grant High, is a 17-year-old cheerleader with all the options, lips like tangelo sections, the whole bit.

The problem is that the cheerleader is the daughter of his old high school sweetheart, who is divorced and looking fine herself.

At first it looks like he's going to follow the old Sgt. York principle for shooting turkeys and Germans: Start with the back of the column and move up. Mama ends up at the motel with him the first night. And who should knock on the door the second night but the torrid teen herself?

Well, you mean Dobson flew all the way from Los Angeles to New Jersey only to find the same moral dilemmas he left behind?

Even worse, Dobson's old basketball team decides to take on the current varsity, which is led by the cheerleader's boyfriend, and you can see how low a man in search of love, meaning and a little respect will go when Dobson gets called for an intentional foul on the boyfriend.

After the alumni win, one of them has a heart attack while Dobson devours the face of the cheerleader in a victory kiss, and mama looks on with eyes that could unravel a letter sweater. (The coronary victim is all right: "just a warning," we're told.)

Okay, it's a little grotesque, but as the script keeps reminding us, with full credit to Thomas Wolfe, "you can't go home again," so things can't work out smoothly. But it gets you ready for the final scene:

Dobson is waiting for his plane to fly him back to Lalaland, and looking pretty down about things, even though the ex-high-school-girlfriend-angry-mama drove him to the airport, took back the letter sweater she threw at him, and told him: "you'll always be special to me."

He looks out the window. There in a big plate-glass window of the airport is the ex, wearing the letter sweater. She starts to move, hey, a fist in the air, a kick, a wave -- she's cheerleading for him! Okay, sure it doesn't make any sense, if you want to be the royal smart person about it, but it's all heart.