A few tips in black and white regarding Color:

1. Check your closet for things you seldom wear. It could be that many are just the wrong color for you, and you have a clue on what not to buy again. a

2. If more than one person compliments you when you are wearing, for example, a new turquoise blouse, take notice: It may be one of your best shades and warrant looking for more things in that color.

3. Never wear a white brighter than your teeth.

4. Try consultant JoAnne Nicholson's "Mirror Test": Walk away from a full-length mirror and then quickly turn around. If you see what you're wearing in the mirror before you see all of you, you're wearing too bright a color, or too strong a contrast.

5. When trying on make-up foundation at a store, dab it on your neck and then go outside and look at it in natural light. It must match exactly; don't buy it if it doesn't.

6. Few people look terrific in: kelly green, lemon yellow and fire-engine red.

7. Flattering to most people, according to consultant Carole Jackson (and good for groups who have to dress alike, such as bridesmaids): medium turquoise, medium coral, watermelon red, deep periwinkle blue and off-white.

8. There is a wide range of white. Brides, particularly, should experiment and choose the one best suited to their coloring.