If you're looking for a bubble bath for the mind this evening, "The Last Song" (Channel 9 at 9 p.m.) should do the trick. As an example of basic television schlock it attains its minimal goals.

It has all the usual ingredients: car chases, helicopter chases, a mystery that most 12-year-olds could figure out in 10 minutes but takes the main characters two hours, a sexy star (Lynda Carter of "Wonder Woman" fame) who flashes enough thigh to qualify for The Rockettes, danger, violence and tragedy.

The bad guys are the executives of a chemical company, who do some very nasty things to preserve their business. The good guys are Carter, who is a singer and the mother in a cutesyootsy family that consists of her daughter and husband. The daughter is played by a 10-year-old named Louanne, a veteran of "Annie" who seems to specialize in grinning. Carter is very good at hysteria, and has several chances to display this talent.

The message -- in case we are too dumb to get it, it's stated in a paragraph in the credits -- is that a lot of people are concerned about what happens to chemical wastes. If having a message makes the producers of this film feel that they are producing art rather than mindless entertainment, then let them have their palliative. The audience will know better.