When old Central High School's Class of 1930 held its 50th reunion a few days ago, I turned up an interesting peice of trivia:

In an average year, seven of Central's classes hold reunions.

Readers who ask me to publish reunion announcements might keep that statistic in mind. There are hundreds of schools in the Washington area, and each undoubtedly holds several reunions each year. So reunion announcements probably number more than a thousand a year -- or at least four for each column I write.

I think that if I were to begin publishing four reunion announcements every day I would quickly lose what few readers I have. The only fair alternative is to publish none.

A similar situation exists with regard to announcements about events designed to raise money for Children's Hospital. Fortunately, more than a thousand groups engage in such undertakings every year; without their help, the hospital would have gone broke long ago. But this column can neither publish thousands of such announcements nor can it publish some while refusing to publish others.

The only way out of this predicament was to publish a sentence of acknowledgement when each group turned in the money it had raised. But even those brief acknowledgements eventually took over the entire District Line column during December and January. Last year, my editor ordered a change. He created a new column for helping the hospital raise money during December and January so that the District Line would be free to continue with its usual fare.

I hope that all of you who work to raaise money for the children will understand why it is impossible for me to announce these events in advance.