I ended my last column by saying that everything was in order in my planetary Heaven with the auguring the victory for Ronald Reagan. This still stands. The planets did not hear the debate, and if they did they would have probably summed up Carter's reaction of his accomplishments in one sentence: "The operation was successful, but the patient died."

Had they heard the war and peace issue, they would have advised him to read history books, and reminded him of Chamberlain, who was accommodating (in the name of peace) Adolf Hitler for more than three years, while Churchill was scorned and ignored. We all know how this pursuit of peace ended.

But even though the stars point to Reagan as the next president, there is a fly in the ointment. The culprit is Uranus, the planet ruling violent eruptions.

It is a slow moving planet and it will take until Feb. l7 for it to pass through the last 5 degrees of Scorpio and enter Sagittarius. During that time its effect might be strongly felt on the international and domestic scenes. It could also influence acts of nature.

On the international scene:

On the eve of the election, Uranus enters the 25th degree of Scorpio and opposes Algol -- a malefic and ill-fated fixed star. The sun of the ayatollah that was karmically linked to the shah's chart, is on that degree (25th degree of Tarus). When Uranus went over that degree for the first time, the shah and his regime fell.

Now, Uranus is repeating its passage and it bodes no good either to the ayatollah's health or to Iran (the Iraqi war began when Uranus was approaching this degree.)

This transit spotlights immediately the fate of the hostages and some startling news might come between now and election day. Yet, on the basis of a few charts of the hostages I have, I do not expect them home before Christmas. This transit also spotlights the fate of Iran and the ayatollah and indicates a strong possibility of total upheaval, even death.

It spotlights also the charts of many world leaders, and strongly (negatively) the chart of President Sadat, who should watch himself during December and January. All of this indicates a possibility of some international crisis.

On the domestic scene:

I am fully prepared to experience a sudden surprise in this election, but this surprise factor acts against Jimmy Carter, simply because Uranus always acts against status quo. If you are up -- it casts you down -- or vice versa. a

Since the inaugural chart highlights only the chart of Ronald Reagan, and there is not even a single connection with the chart of Carter, the transit of Uranus does not effect Reagan's victory, but it might affect the manner in which he is elected -- and this election could go into the House.

I am also prepared that Anderson will get more votes than currently expected.

Finally, if this election day Uranian transit reverses all the trends, and makes Carter a winner, then with the negative and upsetting aspects to his chart he should be extremely watchful as should the Secret Service people around him.

Effects on nature:

Since Uranus rules explosions and eruptions, and will pass over two points of eclipse, there is great danger of earthquakes, vulcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters. It also rules aviation disasters and explosions as well as terrorist actions. All of this makes the time between November and February volatile and dangerous.