Your emotions to a very large extent determine the type of person you are -- warm and loving or cold and reserved, imaginative or practical, conscientious or casual.

The following questions could give you some clues in discovering your emotional strengths and weaknesses. Drawn from a number of psychological sources, they are devised (if you answer them honestly) to tell whether you are ruled by your heart or your head. And what -- possibly -- you might do about it: Section A

1. Do you: a. enjoy being with a big crowd of people? b. prefer to be on your own? c. sometimes one, sometimes the other?

2. Do you find talking to strangers: a. interesting and enjoyable? b. rather freightening? c. something in between the two?

3. If a close friend of the opposite sex impulsively embraced you and kissed you in public would you feel: a. thrilled and delighted? b. a bit embarrassed? c. something in between?

4. When something goes wrong for you do you see the funny side: a. nearly always? b. sometimes? c. never or hardly ever?

5. Do you regard sex as: a. something to be enjoyed as often as possible? b. something to be avoided? c. something in between?

6. Do you regard marriage as: a. old-fashioned and out-of-date? b. a social custom with which it is necessary to conform? c. an honorable and worthwhile institution? Section B

1. Which do you enjoy talking about most: a. books, films. plays, opera, ballet? b. your job and/or domestic affairs? c. or don't you enjoy talking?

2. Do you regard gambling as: a. good fun? b. a social evil? c. something you can take or leave?

3. When going between your home and work, or your home and shops do you: a. always go the same way? b. sometimes vary it? C. often vary it?

4. Do you daydream: a. rather a lot? b. sometimes? c. never?

5. Do you get headaches: a. fairly frequently? b. sometimes? c. never or hardly ever?

6. In your home do you: a. have a place for everything and keep everything in its place? b. never know where anything is? c. a bit of both? Section C

1. In making decisions do you: a. make them quickly of your own accord? b. seek the advice of others? c. sometimes one, sometimes the other?

2. In conversation do you usually: a. do most of the talking? b. prefer to listen? c. somewhere in between?

3. If you were watching a pornographic stage show would you be: a. amused? b. shocked? c. a bit of both?

4. A complete stranger stops you, tells you she has lost her purse and asks you to lend her fare home. She promises to send it back the next day. Assuming you could afford the loan would you: a. lend her the money? b. refuse? c. or are you not sure?

5. A man has been with his firm for a long time. He is getting old and making mistakes which are costing the firm money. Would you: a. discharge him? b. say nothing because you are sorry for him? c. offer him the alternative of leaving or accepting a less responsible, lower-paid position?

6. You come home unexpectedly and find your wife or husband in the act of kissing the next door neighbor. Would you: a. be so angry you feel like hitting them? b. pretend you have seen nothing and say nothing? c. react somewhere between these two extremes? Scoring Section A 1: a-3; b-1; c-2; 2: a-3; b-1; c-2. 3: a-3; b-1; c-2. 4: a-3; b-2; c-1. 5: a-3; b-1; c-2. 6: a-3; b-2; c-1. Section B 1: a-3; b-2; c-1. 2: a-3; b-1; c-2. 3: a-1; b-2; c-3. 4: a-3; b-2; c-1. 5: a-1; b-2; c-3. 6: a-1; b-3; c-2. Section C 1: a-3; b-1; c-2. 2: a-3; b-1; c-2. 3: a-3; b-1; c-2. 4: a-1; b-3; c-2; 5: a-3; b-1; c-2. 6: a-3; b-1; c-2. How You Rate Section A

15-18: You are emotionally warm, outgoing and uninhibited. You like people and have a cheerful disposition which makes them like you. You have an easygoing out-look on life and are ruled largely by your emotions when it comes to love and sex.

10-14: You are well-balanced between emotion and reason in the areas concerned. You are neither a pessimist nor an optimist, but nicely in the middle.

6-9: Emotionally you are rather shy and reserved. You have an old-fashioned sense of honor and morals, but you are perhaps inclined to be a bit too staid and something of a pessimist. For you, your own company is sufficient. This can be a mistake. Try to be a bit more outgoing and look more on the bright side. Section B

15-18: You are also quick-witted and full of bright ideas, imaginative and probably artistic in some way. You are the sort who will reach for the stars -- and may fall short. But you are less likely to fall short if you know your emotional weaknesses and try to let reason do something about them.

10-14: This area of your emotions is nicely balanced between caution and recklessness, the imaginative and the practical. You will perhaps not reach as high as the stars but will get what you want.

6-9: You are cautious, self-controlled, conscientious and essentially practical. It is better for you not to reach for the stars but to live within your own capabilities. Your emotions can also make you tense, sometimes edgy and sometimes a bit dull and these are the areas in which you should employ more reason. Section C

15-18: You are completely self-confident to the point of dominance and perhaps even toughness. You think you know what you want from life and will let nothing stand in your way.

10-14: Again you are nicely balanced, neither oversuspicious nor too trusting, neither too tender-hearted nor too tough. You can display anger if sufficiently provoked but are by no means quick tempered. You are nobody's fool.

6-9: You're unsure of yourself, emotionally tender-hearted, mild mannered, unworldly and slow to rouse with a completely trusting nature. You will find abundant pleasure in the simple things of life. But be careful that others do not take advantage of you. From "The Book of Tests" (Doubeday & Co., Inc.). (c) 1980 by Bruce M. Nash and Randolph B. Monchick. Distributed by Los Angeles Times.