The day after an election would not seem the best possible time for a documentary on why millions of people don't vote, but then, "None of the Above" is hardly the best possible documentary, either.

"None," a locally produced half hour at 10:30 tonight on Channel 26, will be updated with statistics on yesterday's election that were not available in the version previewed. But after that opening, the program spirals down fairly sluggishly into repetitious group-gripes among non-voters in Baltimore who complain about the mediocrity of choice that faced 1980 voters.

Unfortunately, the program never really looks into the roots of this disenchantment. Curtis Gans, director of the Committee for the Study of the American Electorate, offers some analysis, and there are such provocative statistics as the fact that 63 percent of the nonvoters interviewed say they abstain because they don't trust the federal government.

Also, Rep. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) brightenes up a short segment late in the program when she argues with a nonvoter on a Baltimore park bench. Mikulski has brass and pizazz; she's good television. Much of this report, however, is not; though the narration is well-spoken by WDVM's Rene Chaney, there is too much of it, so that the visuals become its accompaniment rather than the other way around.

If this is, as Chaney says, "nearly the lowest-voting democracy in the world," the causes and effects deserve a more thorough treatment than "None of the Above" has to offer.