"All you CBers out there," said a stately male voice on Channel 19 out around the intersection of routes 495 and 270, "Carter has just conceded the election to Mr. Reagan."

"My goodness," answered a woman's voice, "today, peanuts; tomorrow, tired old movies."

"All you cowboys out there, get your shotguns warmed up," said a male voice with a strong southern accent. "We're going back to Vietnam."

"Let's go to Eye-ran first and bring some Americans home," said the first voice.

On Election Night as on any night, most of the CB traffic was concerned with trivia of the road. The name of "Smokey Bear" popped into the conversation occasionally, and colorful handles were bandied about at great length: Crazy Horse and Greenleaf, French Connection and Landlord, Queen Bee, Hush Puppy and Shoe Man. Sometimes the communication seemed to have little purpose except an exchange of handles: "Hi, Silver Streak." "Hi, Babe."

But in the middle of routine CB traffic, the election occupied about one-third of the time. Carter supporters seemed relatively few or weren't talking much, but one of them took the platform for a bit of moralizing. "The sad thing is the average truck driver can't make up his own mind. If you all voted for him because your international went for him, that's a shame."

One Carter fan tried to be philosophical about the defeat: "I guess all we can do is wish him well."

"Just wait," said another. "A year from now, you'll all be bitching about Reagan."