A little bit of New England is going up at Wolf Trap Farm Park. A pair of 250-year-old barns have been dismantled and moved from their original sites and will be converted into The Barn, a new auditorium and community-room complex now being built along Trap Road at the Vienna, Va., facility. Total costs will exceed $750,000.

The 300-seat theater-barn will move Wolf Trap closer to one of the goals originally set by the facility's 1965 mandate -- to become a year-round arts facility -- and provide a home for a number of community arts projects, including Wolf Trap's own chamber group, previously forced to perform in the vastness of the Filene Center.

In charge of the project are Wolf Trap architect Mary O. Stevens and Richard Babcock, who has been involved in barn restorations for a quarter of a century and runs an ancient barn museum in Hancock, Mass.

The barns will be connected by a glass-heavy lobby with a passive solar collector for heating purposes. When acoustic and interior work on the structure is completed in late spring, it will provide a wide variety of programming -- chamber music, ballet, jazz, folk recitals, square dances and theater. The smaller barn will serve as a reception/cocktail/meeting room, complete with a real soda fountain.