"The Deer" has become obligatory on every program of Mexican dance, but the artistry of Jose Greco and Nana Lorca has not. Last night, at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall, these two Spanish dancers of yore joined the Ballet Foklorico Mexicano of Graciela Tapia for a lively and nostalgic program of transatlantica reaching from Castille and Andalusia to Chiapas and Jalisco.

Lorca is still the consummate grande dame, with a superbly arched back and hands that flaunt castanets, fans or their own fingers with aplomb as well as musicality. Her footwork is subtlety itself. Greco's broader girth looks well on his big frame. If he no longer bends like a sapling, there is the clarity and measure in every motion that proclaims him a master.

Graciela Tapia had arranged the program to provide a good balance of the more austere classical Spanish dancing and the casual, popular fare of Mexico. She's a fine performer herself, hiding elements of a balletic virtuosity, under a seemingly spontaneous manner. Alberto de Valesco, her able partner and this company's "Deer," would make more of an impact if he didn't hide so much of his expression under a huge mustache. Faces dance too!