THE ALBUM -- Gang of Four's untitled EP, Warn (MINI 3494).; THE SHOW -- At the Bayou Sunday at 8.

Leave it to the Gang of Four to find a way to make both Phyllis Schlafly and Gloria Steinem happy.

Well, maybe not happy, for surely that word cannot apply to this new-wave nexus of malcontents. But check out the lyrics of "It's Her Factory" from their new EP, and I think you'll get my meaning: Unsung heroines of Britain/addicts to their homes It's her factory/it's her duty Paternalist journalist/he gives them sympathy Because they're not men Scrubbing floors/they're close to the earth It's a man's world/they're not men Because it's a man's world/they're not men A little of a lot/keeps them happy Avoid the answers/but keep them snappy That's all .

There are three other equally biting songs on this release, including a funky treatment on fascism called "Outside the Trains Don't Run on Time," All feature the minimalist production work, spare arrangement and general lack of corporate packaging we've come to expect. But "It's Her Factory" alone is worth the purchase price.