Q: Years ago my uncle was given a white milkglass figure of an eagle molded in a sitting position with its wings down against its sides. The piece, which stands about 30 inches high, is hollow and has a round opening underneath its base. Would this piece be an old garden ornament made to be mounted on a post or a pedestal? It is quite heavy. Who would be interested in it?

A: The piece you describe is not a garden ornament at all, but rather an insignia made to be mounted atop a gas pump in an old filling station. The opening under the base was designed to be attached to a round metal ring or flange at the top of the pump. It was made to represent and advertise the White Eagle Oil Co. Because such globes are scarce, they are desirable and of particular interest to collectors. To sell it write to Gas Pump Globes Wanted, P. O.Box 173, Deerfield, Illinois 60015. Enclose a description of the globe or any other type of gas station memorabilia, and an addressed, stamped envelope for a reply. Although most gasoline pump globes were round or lollypop-shaped, some were shaped like eagles, shells, torches, fire chief hats and clowns made to represent and symbolize particular companies.