The White House has denied a report published Wednesday in the Style section of The Washington Post that New York literary agent Scott Meredith had a telephone conversation with President Carter on the day after the election regarding the possibility of Carter's writing a memoir.

"This conversation simply never took place," said Ray Jenkins, special assistant to the president, yesterday. "As best we can determine, Scott Meredith never placed a phone call to the White House. If Meredith did get as far as the office [of the president] or even a responsible spokesman, something would have shown up on a log." Jenkins added that it was technically possible that Meredith tried to call the White House or got through to someone other than the president.

"I do know that [Meredith] did not speak with the president -- the day after the election or anytime after the election," said Jenkins.

Meredith could not be reached for comment. Jack Scovil, editorial director of the Scott Meredith Literary Agency Inc., said Meredith was traveling.

Scovil said that he had known about the conversation before the report appeared in print. He called the White House denial "really bizarre. Because Scott Meredith did talk to Carter the day after the election."