Lloyd Grove's cover story "Campus Cheap" [Weekend, November 7] was an interesting survey of many of the cultural events at campuses in the Washington area.

I found it curious, however, that the story seemed to concentrate on the District and Virginia colleges and, except for the University of Maryland, otherwise ignored events at some of Maryland's and the area's largest colleges. Nothing was said about events at Montgomery College's three campuses or at Prince George's County Community College. With almost 18,000 students, Montgomery College is one of the area's largest and the cultural activities keep pace with its size. Prince George's County Community College is almost as large. . . Fair enough. Here are some highlights of campus culture in Maryland.

The art gallery of Montgomery College's Rockville campus presents, through December 12, "Great West, Real and Ideal," a photography show (call 279-5115 for information). The Takoma Park campus, meanwhile, offers, starting December 8, an exhibition of Navajo rugs in the Pavilion of Fine Arts (call 587-4090, extension 282). As for music, the Wind Ensemble and Chorus plays December 7 at 7, and the Montgomery College-Rockville Orchestra and Chorus make a joyful noise December 10 at 8. All free, in the Rockville campus's Fine Arts Theater. Call 279-5209.

At Prince George's Community College, the music department gives a choral concert concert December 8 at 8 in the Queen Anne Auditorium and a National Concert Band concert December 14, 1:30 to 5, also in the Queen Anne. The Drama Club presents a play, "The Hostage," this Friday and Saturday and next Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 in the Queen Anne Auditorium, and the "Autobiography of Miss Jane Pitman," a captioned film for the deaf, will be shown December 18 at 7 in the Rennie Forum. All free. Call 322-0915 for information.