Can you think of anything more mind-boggling than a toy store at this time of year? This list of super 1980 toys -- geared mainly to the toddler set -- could help save your sanity. (Age levels are approximate, and prices will vary.)

(A Plane Spoon Gift Set (Kenner, $3.50, 3 months to 2 years). An airport bowl, runway bib and plane-shaped spoon to help entice finicky eaters.

Stack-Up Snoopy (Hasbro, $5.50, agers 1-4). Six large stay-together pieces form good ol' Snoopy when stacked correctly.

(Little Brown Pony (Playskool, $19.95, ages 1-3). A clippety-clop pony-on-wheels with unsnappable, washable plush coat.

(Rail Runnerr (Mattel, $15, birth to 3). With a wind of the smokestack, this musical train chugs along the crib rail, or floor, as your baby grows.

(Love 'N' Touch Baby (Mattel, $15, age 2 and up). Passers-by will do a double-take at this realistic "new-born" baby. Its soft skin and slightly weighted head make this 12-inch doll particularly snugglesome.

(Litle Red Riding Wagon (Fisher-Price, $25, 1 1/2 to 4 years). For indoors or out, this ride-on toy with easy steering converts to a pulling wagon.

(Take-A-Part Turtle (Kusan, $4.75, ages 2-4). Six easy-to-assemble pieces makes this turtle friend a good introduction to puzzles.

Marching Bandd (Fisher-Price, $15, ages 3-7). Tots can march to the beat of their own drum or form a colorful band with accompanying cymbals, maracas, tambourine and 8-note harmonica. All fit inside the drum when the parade is over.

Bolt 'N' Play Building Set (Ideal, $15, ages 2-6). Eighty-one brightly colored pieces can be easily assembled into a ride-on car or airplane, as well as other creations such as a table, chair or work bench.

Sesame Street Playhouse (Gym Dandy, $125, ages 3-7). Kids can listen to Big Bird on the phone of this sturdy, 5-foot tall indoor-outdoor playhouse. They also can learn how to tell Grouch time, post secret messages in the mailbox, keep a lookout through Oscar's peep-hole, or curl up inside and share giggles with friends.

Show Beam (GAF, $12.95, 4 and up). This hand-held projector flashes pictures off the ceiling, walls or friends. When the View-Master cartridge is removed it doubles as a space-age flashlight. (Extra cartridges, $2.50 each.)

Playmobil Police Rescue Deluxe Set (Shaper, $15, 4 and up). This realistic play set includes appropriately outfitted "little people" and emergency accessories such as helicopter, medical kit, police car, stretchers, motorcycles and walkie-talkies.

Little Tikes Railroad (Little Tikes, $99, ages 2-7). All aboard this rugged, battery powered ride-on locomotive which chugs along on or off the 25 feet of snap-together tracks. (Battery recharger included.) Extra add-on cars available.

Hoth Ice Planet Adventure Set (Kenner, $10, 4 and up). Star Wars fans can hold off Rebel forces, deployed among molded snow peaks, by pressing ice levers and shooting the radar laser cannon.

Electronic Paramedic (Playskool, $29, ages 3-8). This lifelike portable emergency kit contains an array of sophisticated, "working" equipment such as an oscilloscope which "blips" while lights on its screen indicate heart or head problems.

TCR Crossfire Jam Set (Ideal, $49.95, 8 and up). A jam car with a mind of its own serves as an obstacle to two other cars controlled by young drivers on a slotless race track.

Smaller Home and Garden Doll House (Tomy, $35, 6 up). A uniquely designed contemporary house with furniture and accessories available.