On Friday I devoted a whole column to the efforts of Harry J. Ginter, Associates, an insurance firm, on behalf of Children's Hospital and their free care fund.

I'm very happy now to be able to give a report on the proceeds realized for the hospital from the work of this dedicated couple, Harry and Rose Ginter, and the entire Tantalon-Fort Washington, Md., community.

Rose called me yesterday and gave me a preliminary figure. According to her cordless calculator, $4,237 was raised through ticket sales and party raffles for the hospital. That's a big boost for our 1980-1981 charity drive. r

That total may well go a little higher, as the Ginters anticipate some additional contributions to arrive in the mail. They enclosed tickets for their party in envelopes addressed to Children's Hospital in care of their business box number. I'll keep you posted on any further developments.

Back at the shop, the mail pipeline had a very good day.Letters from 76 individuals and seven organizations were waiting for me on Friday.

The dubious distinction of being our lowest single contribution-to-date went to an angry "former football fan" who sent in a one dollar bill with the following message:

"Send this to John Riggins or O.J. Simpson, whichever, in your opinion, is more needy. If you decide neither is needy, send it to Children's Hospital."

Well, I've said it before and I'll say it again. The patients at Children's Hospital are not too particular about who sends in money for the free care fund, or what their reasons are. Any reason and any amount is welcome.

On the organizational front, we hear again from the children's good friends, the Excommunicator's Bridge Club. This is the second year members of this informal card-playing group have "forgone gift exchanges in order to support your worthy cause." They sent the hospital $60, and exchanged white elephants among themselves. Many thanks!

A senior citizen's club called the "Happy Warriors" of All Saints-Sharon Chapel in Alexandria also responded. Members "decided to stop mailing birthday and Christmas cards and started putting our change into a box which was labeled 'Children's Hospital.' We accumulated $70 for this worthwhile organization."

Two gifts of $100 each arrived, one from the Silver Spring Memorial Post 25628 VFW Ladies Auxiliary, and the other from the executive director of the National School Boards Association. The NSBA contribution was sent to the hospital in lieu of "sending cards to my 100 person staff at NSBA," and contained this important reminder:

"Since Children's Hospital is as much a victim of inflation as you or I, I have increased the amount substantially over last year." Unfortunately, inflation eats up as much healing power from a dollar as it does grocery-buying power. That's why we have to do about 12 or 13 percent better this year than last, just to deliver the same degree ofassistance to the free care fund for needy children.

The 3rd annual "Hat Day for Children's Hospital" at Washington Irving Intermediate School in Springfield, Va., brought in $168.20 from the students and staff of that fine educational institution. For the past three years, students there have created their own personalized hats, and then donated 25 cents apiece to wear them for one day. It's a great fun idea, and it works. Thanks a lot!

Several trial judges of the United States Court of Claims combined forces to send the children $210 this season, in lieu of exchanging Christmas cards. They sent the cash along with "our appreciation to all those associated with the hospital for their very fine efforts."

And, finally, Avenel Farm of Potomac, Md., held a mid-Fall Horse Show, "and the big winner was Children's Hospital! Enclosed is a check for $225 which came from entry fees, a bake sale, and the judge graciously foregoing any payment."

The ambitious horse-lovers at Avenel also plan a Winter Horse Show sometime after Christmas, so we should hear from them again soon.

So, our 76 individuals sent a total of $2,117, our seven organizations tallied $933.20, and the big bash at Tantallon Country Club last Wednesday netted $4,237. That makes our daily total a whopping $7,287.20, and our year-to-date total $11,943.90. Not bad for a day's work, I'd say.

Let's keep the ball rolling. We're off to a great start!