Ronald Reagan's choice of Alexander Haig for the post of secretary of state has been creating quite a bit of controversy. Several members of the Senate are clamoring for a closer scrutiny of the role he played during the days of Nixon's dying presidency; the press is raising questions about the property of appointing a military man to a strictly civilian post, and several articles describe Haig as overly ambitious, as an opportunist, and as someone unswervingly loyal to the people he works for.

The astrological chart of Alexander Haig, who was born on Dec. 2, 1924, and has his Sun in Sagittarius, clarifies some questions and presents me with quite a different picture of this man.

First of all, his Saturn, in its particular configuration bespeaks of his loyalty, but not of an overriding ambition. In fact, the drive for power, for control, for manipulation, for the "Place in the Sun" so to speak, is quite absent from the chart, and thus I do not believe this man is as ambitious as has been said.

Furthermore, the statements about his opportunism seem to be self-contradictory. After all, the main characteristic of an opportunist in his penchant to jump any "sinking ship," which is exactly the opposite to Haig's behavior, who remained on the Nixon "sinking ship."

In fact, when one regresses Haig's chart to 1974 one can see incredible stress. The aspects during that year tested severely all of this man's abilities, stamina and endurance, leaving behind quite an emotional mark. At present, nothing on his chart can even compare to this kind of stress, and I believe that both the hearings and the forthcoming year as secretary of state will be easy to comparison.

Haig's chart indicates that what has been called "an opportunism" is really a synonym for pure luck, for his chart is extremely lucky. His planetary signature indicates someone who is always at the right place at the right time, where the unexpected help comes from strangers who enter his life, befriend him and offer him lucky breaks (not unlike Mondale's chart, who, as far as I know, no one has yet called an opportunist).

His Jupiter in Sagittarius, conjunction has Mercury and Sun, is not only the ruler of his Sun, but also the ruler of his entire chart. This endows him with a totally unmilitaristic profile. And thus, Alexander Haig may be wearing a uniform, but, as if to prove that "the clothes do not make the man," his chart makes him into a thinker, a philosopher, an observer, rather than a general, and I would venture to say that anyone who served under him would agree he was quite different from other generals.

His Mercury indicates he is an exceptionally intelligent man, probably well read, who has an unending curosity about other people and their cultures; a man with an open mind, who is quietly observant and continuously learning. In addition, he has an uncanny ability to sense what other people would like to hear, or to know, and this ability makes him into a perfect diplomat.

He can be quite outgoing, optimistic, and while there is a deep emotional side to this man, it does not surface easily, especially among strangers. He will reveal himself only to his friends, who will be extremely close but few in number, and tested by time.

His chart indicates that he might have wished to be a writer, and I would say that one day he will write and write well (probably in form of essays), but it will never be a book that will reveal secrets. Secrets are buried with this man, for he is very discreet. To him private communication is private, and it is never for sale.

He is karmically linked with Reagan's chart and will have a positive influence on Reagan's foreign policy, enhancing Reagan's stature in foreign affairs. He is also strongly linked to Ed Meese's chart and they probably like each other very much, get along well, and can work together smoothly.

So far, on the basis of a few chart. I am pleased, astrologically speaking, the way things are shaping up. Reagan with his strong and good Jupiter (luck), and his good, practical sober and healthy Mercury (mind) is attracting people with similar charts and this country certainly needs right now all the lucky Jupiters that we can get.

Astrological postcript. The planetary aspects in hostage negotiations are "red hot" and remain so until Jan. 17. They repeat themselves again at the end of April and thru the Month of May, 1981.