We are finally over the $100,000 mark! We will now take a two-second break to pat ourselves on the back. That's enough, don't overdo it. Now, let's get on to Phase II. Our next milestone is $200,000.

Last year we reached the $100,000 mark at the end of our count for Jan. 4. This year we're a little behind schedule. There's still time to catch up, but the mail pipeline cut-off date of Jan. 31 is fast approaching.

Today we can cross the $100,000 barrier just on anonymous gifts alone. This morning letters arrived from 143 unnamed District Liners containing checks worth $6,671. That's our biggest day both in number of participants and total donated. Those are two 1980-81 records right there!

Yesterday the shoebox held $95,908.06, so with just the anonymous gifts tallied, it now contains $102,579.06. Today's group and employe gifts should boost us welll beyond that figure.

Leading off in the group category this morning are four $100 contributors. Westmoreland Junior Girl Scout Troop 2109 went caroling around the Westgate section of Bethesda for their $100. The Engineer Officers Duplicate Bridge Club also sent a century note. Second-year participants, the employes of American Security Bank at 19th & M Sts. NW saved $100 for the kids by not exchanging greeting cards. Finally, the Second Marine Division Association sent $100.

In lieu of exchanging Christmas cards, staffers at the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance collected $103 for Children's Hospital. A check for $130 arrived from "Val-Pak Northern Prince George's County." Also using the "in lieu of" method were members of the Office of Accounting, Federal Aviation Administration. They saved a tidy $160.85.

Safeway Store No. 0001 in Fairfax City sent $165. "We didn't do as well as we would have liked, but this is our first year for this so we hope to do better next year," they wrote.

Please don't apologize. Initiates to the shoebox club deserve praise!

For the ninth straight year, members of the Science and Technology Division of the Institute for Defense Analyses adorned their office tree with gold tags with the names of staff members who made contributions to Children's Hospital in lieu of sending out cards. Ornaments worth $213 decorated their tree.

The Arlington office of Dean Whitter Reynolds Inc. sent checks totaling $220 for the "Children's Hospital Holiday Fund" this morning.

Another group celebrating their ninth anniversary of contributing to Our Hospital are the folks at Answering Inc. They sent $165 last year, set an inflation-adjusted goal of $200 this year, and ended up with $225.

The Welfare Recreation Committee and the employes of the Mail Equipment Shops at the U.S. Postal Service donated a "small token" of $265 to Children's. Collecting $270 were 17 employes of the State Department Federal Credit Union. They exceeded last year's figure by $86 by not exchanging Christmas cards.

Friends over at Northern Virginia Doctors Hospital Corp. sent $300. They used the Christmas tree ornament technique described above.

"Enclosed are checks for Children's Hospital totaling $1,006.18. This comes from the more than 400 employes of the FDA Bureau of Radiological Health in Rockville," wrote the bureau director. "This is our twelfth consecutive year of contributing to Children's Hospital. Our cumulative contributions total $7,414.50."

And our cumulative total for those 15 groups is $3,458.03. Add that together with the $6,671 already mentioned, and you'll agree that our daily total is $10,129.03. That's our first $10,000-plus day of this year's drive. Another record.

And we got well past $100,000. My cordless calculator shows that the organizational total boosted us to $106,037.09 overall. Could things be looking up?

Please send your tax-deductible check, made payable to Children's Hospital, to: Scott Chase, c/o The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071.

Don't wait any longer. Here's what a new convert wrote this morning:

"Every year I read about the Children's Hospital fund drive but never took the time to write a check. This year I made time and intend to do so every year from now on. I hope this year's goals are met. Keep up the good work."