With ski patrols pulling injured skiers from nasty bouts with hidden moguls and unsure feet, Raymond Cunningham called, wondering if he can still by a one-day skiing policy from Lloyd's of London, just as he did 30 years ago.

Well, a local agent for Lloyd's of London, William Huntington, says the answer is yes -- and no.

No, Lloyd's apparently does not. But, yes, several American companies have short-term policies for skiers. And they still begin at the price of $1 a day.

That one dollar buys one skier a three-day policy that pays $5,000. For less drastic fates, the insurance covers the first $500 of medical bills for slope-related injuries. For $7.50, notes Huntington, the coverage jumps to $50,000 and $5,000 respectively.

But should more coverage be necessary, Huntington said Lloyd's of London can be cabled for a special policy; the terms are dictated by the buyer's needs and pocketbook.

It may not be necessary, however, to cross the ocean for coverage. Some policy holders are protected by their routine health coverage -- including for self-inflicted wounds -- if bona fide medical help is received.

What constitutes a self-inflicted ski wound shall be left up to the reader's imagination.