Martin Anderson, the chief domestic policy adviser to Ronald Reagan, was born on Aug. 5, 1936, and has his Sun in Leo. This Sun, conjunct Mercury and Venus in Leo, trines Jupiter in Sagittarius and makes this a very lucky chart.

And so Ronald Reagan remains true to his pattern of picking people with good Jupiters and optimistic Mercuries, but, in this case, he might have gotten more than he expected, because Anderson's chart indicates that he will be not only an adviser on domestic policy, but also an ardent advocate for all policies geared to help the poor and underprivileged.

It is a fascinating chart depicting a complex and fascinating man, who, despite his professional luck, feels deeply frustrated because he cannot accomplish all the good he would like to do.

His Leo planets trining Jupiter make him into a very strong Leo. Such a Leo feels like a benevolent king, and sees to it that in his kingdom all the subjects are happy and want for nothing. In the kingdoms of such Leos there is no suffering. It cannot be -- for this would reflect badly on the king.

The usual Leo generosity is augmented in this chart by the Jupiter trine and thus Martin Anderson would want to shower all his subjects with happiness and fulfill their smallest wishes.

Such strong Leos usually shy away from unhappy people, and run away from hopeless cases, for Leo cannot bear the idea that he might be impotent to help. But this does not hold true in Anderson's case, and it makes for a complex man.

His Moon in Pisces, painfully configurated with Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune makes him instantly aware of anyone's suffering and provides total identification with all the downtrodden. This Moon in Pisces endows him with so much compassion and empathy that he can be "a patsy for any sob story." I am sure that he makes a "five in the morning friend," which means that all people know that they can call him at any time and get help and a listening ear.

This constant identification with human suffering makes the Leo side in him unhappy -- for it points to the fact that in this Leo kingdom all the subjects are not happy; that there are limits to his Leo "power for good," ergo, there is definitely something wrong with the king.

Martin Anderson's chart indicates a tireless worker, because in addition to the Leo drive, this Pisces-Leo conflict will make him always strive to do better, and do more. His friends, people who work with him and for him, probably adore him and praise him, and yet, despite all the praise, this man often feels deep frustration and a sense of inadequacy.

My advice:

He should realize that his conflict is so strong, because his Leo side and his Piscean side are very strong. All that he needs to do is to mute his Leo side a bit by accepting the fact that no one in this world is omnipotent, and that no one has the magic wand that would enable us, with one stroke, to erase the suffering from this world.

He also needs to curb somewhat his indiscriminate compassion by starting to differentiate between "a sob story" and a real need. This is a difference between an "enlightened Pisces Moon" and an "unenlightened Pisces Moon." This is the chart of a very nice man who fully deserves all that comes his way. He earned it and he should never permit his Pisces Moon to make him feel guilty about it. For example, he can never finish a good meal that the moon will remind him that he shouldn't be enjoying himself so much because there are poor people in the world who haven't enough to eat.