Married women using their husband's name on charge plates should consider in transferring them to their own given name (Alice Jones, not Mrs. Joe Jones).

No matter how improbable it now seems, there might come a time they would need to apply for additional credit. It is immeasurably easier if credit has been established.

Be prepared for the contingency that you might be considered a new account and have to apply all over again to a store where you have been a valued customer for years. The Credit Bureau says this varies, but perhaps 50 per cent of the time it happens.

It is most helpful to buy something on time even if you don't need to. One husband is so concerned on this point that he has put the jalopy their some is buying on time in his wife's name so she will have a history of installment credit.

It is probably better to avoid payinig cash for a big-ticket item like a car. Pay a large sum down and, if possible, the rest in small payments. For a woman, especially a woman not on salary, installment credit is money in the bank.

To set up credit apart from that of a dead husband, you pay $5.40 to the Credit Bureau, which will then divert for one month information ordinarily feeding into his file to a new one set up under your Christian name.

This will give you time to change your charge plates so that they thereafter will automatically report into your new personal file.

The number of call is 891-3103. Yhou also call that number if you already have been denied credit, for an appointment to review the case. Or if you prefer to show up in person, the bureau is at 1345 University Blvd., Langley Park, Md.