Q: I have tried from time to time to take pictures from a color television screen. But I have not been happy with the results: the color is off and the picture blurred or striped. The camera I use is a Pentax K100 SLR with an f/2 lens, and the film I use is Kodacolar ASA 100 or ASA 400. What am I doing wrong? A: There's nothing wrong with your camera or the film you're using. In fact, even the lens is right, because it will focus down to about 18 inches.

You also mention in your letter that you have a tripod and a cable release, both essential items.

The problems you encounter could be in two areas: the image on your TV screen is poor or you're not using the right camera settings.

To lick the first problem, adjust your TV set to the brighest image and set the contrast so you can see detail in both highlights and shadows. It should look less contrasty than for viewing. The color is also important; try for the best warm flesh tones that look natural to your eye.

Next, set your camera on the tripod and move close to the screen so it fills the film area and focus carefully. Then set your shutter at 1/8 second so you will register the full scan of the TV screen. Adjust the exposure with your f/stop settings, about f/2.8 for the ASA 100 film and about f/8 for the ASA 400.

When making your exposures, watch the screen carefully and shoot only when the subjects on the screen are not in motion.

A red filter, such as a gelatin Kodak CCR40, can be used over the lens to warm up the image, if the pictures look too bluish.