ADD A new name to "The Group" who party with Nancy and Ronald Reagan. Marjorie Everett, one time self-described "Queen of Illinois Racing," and the largest stockholder in the Hollywood Park race track, was on the guest list with all the regulars on Saturday night when Nancy and Wyatt Dickerson gave their dinner dance at "Merrywood."

In 1973, a group headed by Everett was prevented from buying the San Diego Padres franchise after the National League rejected her as failing to meet ownership standards.

Earlier this year, Everett had been an unindicted co-conspirator and star government witness in the bribery trial and conviction of the late Illinois Gov. Otto Kerner.

Everett testifed that Kerner and his aide were permitted to buy stock in both her Illinois racetracks at bargain prices of $30,000 and then sold their shares back to interests dominated by her for $150,000.

The government argued that in exchange for the stock profits, Everett won favorable racing dates from Kerner.

Everett's name on the Dickerson guest list was a surprise to some observers because the Reagans were expected and Everett is not known as one of the insiders with whom they socialize.

Wyatt Dickerson, a former business associate of "Koreagate" figure Tongsun Park, said last week that she was coming "as an old friend" of his and his wife's, but also of their guests of honor, tycoon Armand Deutsch and his wife. The Deutsches are members of "The Group."

"She's considered part of "The Group" when they have parties for 40 or 50 people," Dickerson said.

The life of a Secret Service agent can often be very demanding and demoralizing.

Tricia Nixon Cox had one detail bring her laundry down from her New York apartment to be done at the White House and Jackie Kennedy instructed one of her guards to stand behind a tree on a ski slope out of sight while she and her friends picnicked on a snow bank.

"You may come out now, Mr. ---," she informed him regally when she was ready to depart.

But many of those agents assigned to Carter during the past four years reportedly found his aloofness, and the fact that he sometimes wouldn't even speak to them harder to take.

Some of them gave a party to celebrate on election night after it was certain that Ronald Reagan had won.

Vice President Walter Mondale was better liked.

Some agents are taking much pleasure in telling a story about Mondale getting into his car on election night and pounding his fist against the inside of the limousine because his running mate "blew it."

"It's like the 'Front Page,'" says San Francisco attorney Melvin Belli, describing "The Belli File," a television pilot starring Eddie Albert which NBC will premier in March. "It's about a hectic law officer where the hero rides off into the sunset to benefit suffering humanity."

The first segment is based on Belli's "Death's Angel" case in Las Vegas about Jani Adams, an intensive care nurse accused of tampering with the life support system of a patient who later died.

Maureen Reagan doesn't own the kind of jewelry she thought appropriate for a presidential daughter to wear to her father's inauguration. So she went into celebrity jeweler Sol Laykin's Beverly Hills store and borrowed eight or nine items to match the different gowns she will be wearing.