One way to judge who's up in this town is to see how many people turn up for a party in his or her honor. Using that theory, soon-to-be White House deputy chief-of-staff Mike Deaver is very, very up.

In fact, 400 people squashed without shame into a brunch Sen. Mark Hatfield and his wife, Antoinette, had for Deaver on Sunday. Co-host was Nancy Reynolds, a longtime Reagan friend who stood at the door of the Hatfields' Georgetown house shaking a frightening stream of hands. The Georetown house is big by Georgetown standards, but still, 400 people are 400 people.

At one point, something crashed to the floor. Everybody just kept right on eating and craned their necks to see who was where, since seemingly everybody you always read about in the papers was there, somewhere. Maybe stuffed into a corner, but there.

For instance:

Henry Kissinger, talking to Amureen Reagan, the eldest daughter, who's been reported as thinking of running for office in California. At least five people were listening, although they were pretending not to be. An abbreviated transcript of the conversations follows:

HK: "Who would be running against you?"

MR: "On the Democratic side? Probably Jerry Brown."

HK: "Oh, really? Then I will come out and work for you with great enthusiasm."