Lost of giddiness at The Pisces Club. Sixty in formal dress dined on veal and looked at red and white tulips on the tables. That was Part I of Nancy and Wyatt Dickerson's dinner dance for Armand and Harriet Deutsch, the dinner to be seen at on Saturday night. (Part II was the dance at their Virginia home, Merrywood, where other guests -- like the Reagans -- had already come for dinner.)

Not even the frigid night air between limousine and Pisces doorway could deter the festive spirit. Jane Dudley, wife of Guilford Dudley, former ambassador to Denmark, sauntered in without a coat over her low-cut, skinny-strapped red dress -- smiling as if it were Carribean-warm.

Bob Strauss, former Carter campaign chairman, hurried in. He's already looking forward to the new administration. "Well, I look forward to everything," he said.

"Divine, "proclaimed actress Audrey Meadows after dinner.

Strauss gave a toast to the transition. "It was nice," said Sen. Charles Percy (R-Ill.). "As Strauss always is."

"We talked about everything," declared Elliot Richardson on his way out of the club. "We're looking forward to a time of prosperity and -- "

"Oh, he's just being silly," said his wife.

Richardson did not give a speech at dinner. "At least not publicly," said his wife. "Very unusual."

"I'm only a has-been," he said grinning.