Shrugging off the exhaustion of a 100-party weekend, Inaugural Washington pulled its furs back on yesterday and dashed once more into tight-scheduled celebration. Intimate it was not, as 8,000 Distinguished Ladies were feted at the Kennedy Center, Vice President-elect Bush and his family made 15,000 new acquaintances at a museum on the Mall and the scent of 1,000 bratwurst floated elsewhere over commingled ladies and gentlemen of the presidential transition. Gala, it was.

The clown prince of Washington has a prediction for the guest of honor at an Americans for Change luncheon yesterday at the Mayflower Hotel. Said Mark Russell: "Some day Paul Laxalt (Sen., Nevada) will reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue" . . . pregnant applause . . . "Southeast."

And for a shorter view of the future : "You wouldn't want to be a liberal in this new Congress -- them that dies is the lucky ones."

But for them that don't, Russell offered a liberal survival kit:

Wear a bell around your neck;

Get rid of peanuts and beards and any kids named Hubert and any pets named Zbig;

Name kids like Ike and pets Bonzo.

For Washingtonians who don't know if they're coming or going -- but are staying -- a list of ins and outs:

Lawrence Welk is in;

Willie Nelson is out;

Elizabeth Taylor Hilton Wilding Todd Fisher Burton Buron Warner is in.

Laughing loudest at this last one was Debbie Reynolds Fisher.