Two handwriting analysts were asked to examine this writing sample, without knowing whose handwriting it is. (The initials were concealed.) Here is what they found: Robert B. Martin :

"This is a bright person, with an inquisitiveness and an orderly mind. He or she may appear to be a slow thinker, but it is because they are thorough. There is a fluidity of thought and the ability to put things together.

"Emotionally this person is all over the place. There seems to be a lot of irritation -- jagged "i" dots, rather pointed letters. This person may be easily hassled, although not necessarily showing it.

"There is evidence of a great deal of control, and probably a fairly strong memory. This person has a tremendous ability to concentrate, sets goals very high and can meet those goals.

"I think this person would like to be very much more free and giving than he or she is, but has been conditioned to control that impulse. This person is going to be a boss, not an employee. I see independence, directedness and drive.

"There is definitely something in this person's past for which there is a resentment. Something happened that has influenced everything they do. This person is very secretive about that inner feeling, and is very self-protective." Grace Hughes :

"This is a person you can trust with a secret. He or she is very determined but may have an undeveloped imagination. The looped "t's" show sensitivity; the high "t" bar indicates high goals. This person can meet those goals.

"I think the ego is okay. Self-esteem seems strong, yet balanced. The person is pretty well open and honest, but might be argumentative. There are signs of both open-and-closed-mindedness. Perhaps in some areas this person will listen, but in others tends to reject other's views.

"This is the handwriting of an intelligent person who has organizational skills and understands spiritual matters. I don't see evidence of repression."