Willard Scott didn't need to be a weatherman to tell which way the wind was blowing on the West Lawn of the Capitol following yesterday's inaugural ceremonies. In fact, between stints introducing bands at the late-afternoon outdoor concert, Scott seemed to grow more comfortable standing where the president's shadow had been only hours before. He thanked "that Big Meteorologist in the Sky" for the beautiful afernoon before letting loose with a flurry of one-liners and warm witticisms to combat the oncoming chill of a more traditional January day in Washington.

Sly Scott also sneaked some mistletoe into a garland that he handed to Miss America, Susan Powell, and waited gleefully for her special-delivery kiss. While introducing the bands and reciting their life histories, Scott found time to hype the fireworks and hot-air balloon displays; he also looked back at the Capitol and mumbled "We didn't have to go far to get the hot air." He also inadvertently renamed election month as "Octember" before introducing veteran songwriter Sammy Cahn, who sang a medley of his best-known songs while the Citadel Band marched up the Capitol steps in unintentional Busby Berkeley patterns.

There were only a few hundred observers when the concert began, though the viewing area started refilling like an empty bathtub as the inaugural parade drew to a close. For the wacky weatherman still dearest to the hearts of his hometown fans, it was standard performance. Willard Scott has never ceased to amuse.