NOT TO worry! The demise of the Y's chocolate chip cookie is not upon us!

That is the definitive word from the woman who should know -- the chairman of the YWCA's building committee, Paula Jeffries.

"You can say unequivocally there has never been a moment since we made our decision that we must move the Y from 17th and K that we even thought of doing away with the chocolate chip cookie," Jeffries told a persistent reporter.

Reached at her home early one evening last week, Jeffries shot down the rumors that after Feb. 13, when the Y at its present location is closed, their famous chocolate chip cookies would disappear.

The rumor appears to have gotten started because, in the words of one frustrated cookie fancier, the Y's "nitwit" management is closing the cafeteria and bakery shop and not transferring them to their new building downtown.

"I personally think this would be a good human interest story," the unsigned letter to The Washington Post went on to say, and then added, "and maybe you could get the recipe for the chocolate chip cookies, since they won't be producing them anymore."

While Jeffries took the description of the Y's management in good humor and acknowledged that there would be no bakery or cafeteria at the new Y at 9th and G streets, she said someone would be making the cookies.

"We will have a carryout operation," Jeffries explained. "And whoever provides the food for the carryout will make the chocolate chip cookies." That, of course, means someone other than the current food service contractor, Dorothy Tousignant, will be baking the cookies. Does it also mean that the cookies will not taste quite the same?

The Washington Post Food Section has purchased a dozen of the current chocolate chip cookies. We have frozen them until such time as the new cookies make their debut. We will keep you apprised of our comparison tasting . . . if no one snitches all the cookies from the freezer.

You won't have long to wait to try the new cookies. Even though the new Y will not open until the middle of May, the cookies probably will be for sale from a kiosk on the corner of 17th and K and possibly from the Y's temporary location at 10th and G.


"To maintain our public cookie image," said Jeffries.